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Tea Tourism is a relatively new concept in the world and Darjeeling is a taking a lead in this area. And why not? Darjeeling is after all the Mecca of tea and sprawling estates producing what we know as the "Champagne of Teas" to the delight of the world. There are 80 odd operational tea gardens in Darjeeling that span across thousands of acres of land area on open hill slopes. High on the hills with cool breeze and misty weather, planters and workers come together to form a wonderland where tea grows in the finest form like nowhere else in the world.
You wake up and sip a cup of finest aromatic tea that was plucked fresh from the gardens, a tea brand that the world knows. You take a stroll through the garden, talk to the garden workers and see how they deftly pluck the two leaves with a bud, and learn about their lives. You are also invited to take a look and learn about the tea processing in the factory where some of the best tea in the world are withered, rolled, dried, sorted and packaged.
A jeep takes you to the nearby attractions and places of interest for you to soak in the nature. Later you take a walk through the villages and nature trails, and get deeper insight into the lives of the people living in the mountains. In the evening, you are entertained with local cultural dance and music specially performed for you as you drink a glass of wine. Ultimate, isn't it? That's tea tourism.  
And where else will you get best of all the elements of a garden tour other than in Darjeeling? Several tea estates in Darjeeling area offer vacation packages to tourists to experience life in the gardens along with stays in heritage bungalows, plus activities and entertainment that are rarely found anywhere else in the world.  
However except in few cases, tea tourism is not yet meant for the budget travelers. The luxury and special intimate experience in the gardens don't come cheap. Having said that, there are some gardens where tea tourism is affordable for the mid-budget travelers as well and the experience is no less in any respect. 
“ALS” present few of the best places in the hills of Darjeeling to experience such tea tourism packages in which you get to see, know, learn & experience right from the starting of the livelihood of the tea gardens to the processing’s and reaches to the market worldwide.

About Tea Tourism Packages:

  • Tea Packages are designed for guest to visit Tea Estate and Factory Only
  • Sightseeing options are kept in each package
  • Guest will have to state their interest to opt for sightseeing in advance accordingly the sightseeing can be arranged
  • Manufacturing of Tea is continuous after April till October
  • Tea Tasting Session is optional and if during the visit Tea Tasting is done guest can participate
  • Tea Tasting session are quite nice and worth participating
  • Climate is generally pleasant with temperature between 7 degree and 20 degree Celsius
  • Monsoon is severe but enjoyable
  • Tea estate has access from Kurseong, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Siliguri
  • All these gardens are ideal retreats throughout the year
  • The package includes visit to Tea Factory to watch Production
  • Participation in Tea Testing Session 
  • Longer stay includes lectures and Tea Estate visit for plantation details, plucking details etc 
  • Visit to Tea Estate are fixed with prior notice and not exceeding 20 Guests
  • Tea Tourism is limited to few Estates only
  • There is Sightseeing options to nearby places also which can be included in the package 
  • Packages are also tailor made as per requirement 
  • Group sizes should range from 2 - 20 Guest for 3 to 12 days 
  • For group of 40 Guest Visit two batches are made each of 20 guests
  • Excursion, Family Tour, School / College group, academic session are also organized
  • Guide, Teachers, One day tea estate trekking etc is available (On prior demand)
  • Sightseeing options in the packages are for few places only
  • It is advisable to explore the Tea estate only instead of visiting the standard sightseeing packages of Mass tourism destinations
  • Tea Tourism Bungalows / Home stay are less compared to hotels of the region hence early bookings are solicited



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