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Government of Sikkim have initiated the Paragliding Sports in Sikkim past many years, Initially the Pilots of today were sent to get training in various Paragliding schools of India in Manali, Himachal Pd and also in Pune in Maharashtra. Later when they came back to the state some of them went back to the same areas to learn more and become trained pilots for Solo and Tandem Flights and some went to Nepal, where they got more training and became professional trained Tandem Pilots.
Today most of them have come back to Sikkim and have started doing the paragliding sports in Sikkim through a registered organization from the Government of Sikkim. There are some of areas where you can fly and have Ariel view of Gangtok and adjoining villages in East Sikkim and also in Chakung in West Sikkim.
Paragliding Sports have also been started in the nearby Darjeeling and Kalimpong areas.


SN Destination District/State Take off Landing Elevation Duration of fly
01 Gangtok East Sikkim Bulbuley Resithang 2200 mtrs 15-20 mins
02 Gangtok East Sikkim Ani-Gumpa Resithang 1700 mtrs 10 mins
03 Gangtok East Sikkim Takse Resithang 1850 mtrs 12-15 mins
04 Chakung West Sikkim Chakung Dara Jorethang 1850 mtrs 20-25 mins
05 Darjeeling West Bengal Jal-Pahar   2200 mtrs 12-15 mins
06 Kalimpong West Bengal Deolo Hill Dr.Graham’s Homes/Relli 1650 mtrs 12-15 mins


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